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Kena’s Tribeca nod represents more than just an award

Tribeca’s announcement last month of that first-ever slate of video game finalists for its movie-specific award represents a seismic shift in gaming, one that acknowledges that the cinematics in video games have become, well, more cinematic. The game’s developers were ecstatic.


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12 great lines from Mortal Kombat

The video game-based flick will remain in theaters but will no longer be accessible on HBO Max starting May 24. It was a good run.

Katy Perry & Pikachu: Together at last

The iconic singer releases a video for her song “Electric,” which will be featured on “Pokemon 25: The Album,” set for release in the fall.

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Capcom classic inspires Seattle artist

Carmel Mercado drew glasses on cats to put young opthalmology patients at ease. Now, she’s turning cats into video game characters.

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GAMING WIRE: Headlines for 5/17/21

This week’s top headlines have Google Stadia officials giving a pep talk, more on Epic vs. Apple and Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s director speaks.

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Bonkers: Is this GTA V, IRL?

Researchers have used artificial intelligence and machine learning to re-envision the world of Grand Theft Auto V in a more photo-realistic way.

THE GAMING WIRE: This week’s headlines

The top headlines of the week cover Intellivision Amico, a potential PS5 prolonged shortage, Epic’s lawsuit against Apple and Resident Evil 8.

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