8 titles vie for Tribeca’s 1st video game award

Three titles built in the U.S. join three German titles, one Swedish and one built in the United Kingdom in the category.

This year, Tribeca Film Festival will, for the first time, feature a category that highlights video games’ use of art and storytelling. Here are the eight titles and Tribeca’s descriptions:

Harold Halibut (Slow Bros, Germany): “Harold is a lab assistant to the ship’s lead scientist, who despite general fatigue aboard the retro-futurist vessel continues to look for a way back into space. While the stale day-to-day life under water grows more and more familiar, one day a fateful encounter plunges Harold into an unknown world.”

Kena: Bridge of Spirits (Ember Lab, United States): “Kena, a novice Spirit Guide, uncovers an abandoned village. Wandering spirits, trapped between worlds, sow chaos and decay. With the help of tiny forest creatures called Rot and her knowledge of the Spirit Realm, Kena faces her own losses as she untangles the secrets of this forgotten community.”

Lost in Random (Zoink Games, Sweden): “From the award-winning Swedish game studio, Zoink, play the odds in Lost in Random, a gothic fairytale-inspired action adventure where every citizen’s fate is determined by the roll of a dice. The player walks the Kingdom of Random’s mysterious cobbled streets, meets its unpredictable residents and takes on courageous quests.”

NORCO (Geography of Robots, United States): “This sci-fi Southern Gothic adventure immerses players in the sinking suburbs and industrial swamps of Louisiana’s petrochemical hinterlands. The hero’s brother goes missing; in the hopes of finding him, players must follow a fugitive security cyborg through the refineries, strip malls, and drainage ditches of suburban New Orleans.”

Sable (Shedworks, United Kingdom): “Join Sable on her gliding, a rite of passage that will take her across vast deserts and through landscapes littered with fallen spaceships. Explore the desert on a hoverbike, scale monumental ruins, and encounter other nomads in the wilds while unearthing mysteries long forgotten.”

Signalis (rose-engine, Germany): “Stranded on a desolate world, a lone Replika must explore the ruins of an abandoned reeducation facility in search for answers—and a way to escape. Solve puzzles, fight nightmarish creatures, and navigate through dystopian, surreal worlds as Elster, a technician Replika looking for a lost dream.”

The Big Con (Mighty Yell, Canada): “In classic 90s con movie style, the player gets to persuade and pilfer their way to greatness. Sneak around, wear disguises, pickpocket, solve puzzles, and maybe profit from the latest collectible plushie craze, and make a friend or two along the way.”

Twelve Minutes (Luis Antonio, United States): “A man’s romantic evening with his wife is interrupted by a violent home invasion. He tries to stop the attacker and gets knocked out only to find himself stuck in a time loop of 12 minutes. He must use the knowledge of what is about to happen to change the outcome and break the loop. Featuring James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe.”

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