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THE GAMING WIRE: This week’s headlines

The top headlines of the week cover Intellivision Amico, a potential PS5 prolonged shortage, Epic's lawsuit against Apple and Resident Evil 8.

Every Monday, we will round up the top news stories and YouTube videos about the industry to see how other outlets are reporting on the big news. Be on the lookout for a weekly newsletter of gaming headlines, coming soon. This week, it’s Resident Evil 8, a potential continuation of a PS5 shortage and how Epic Games’ epic lawsuit against Apple is going (spoiler: not great). Also, check out how Pat the NES Punk explained IGN’s report that the Amico Intellivision didn’t exactly pass a big test.

Resident Evil Village is a phenomenal tribute to 25 years of survival horror – C|NET

Apple vs. Epic: Why cloud gaming became a hot topic at landmark antitrust trial – Associated Press

Sony Warns Tight PlayStation 5 Supply to Extend Into Next Year – Bloomberg News

Intellivision Amico Hands-on – The New Console on the Block – IGN Middle East

Here’s our YouTube video of the week, as well.

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