Bonkers: Is this GTA V, IRL?

Researchers have used artificial intelligence and machine learning to re-envision the world of Grand Theft Auto V in a more photo-realistic way.

Could a new research project that enhances the vistas and visuals of Grand Theft Auto V to make them more photo-realistic be a sign of things to come in gaming?

God, we hope so.

Researchers at Intel Labs this week released results of a project that used machine learning to take scenes from GTA V, enhance them using a series of technological methods and reproduce them in more realistic ways.

The full technical process can be seen in the embedded video below.

But, to put it plainly (also in the video), the technology paves all of the roads with smoother asphalt, makes car paint a little bit more glossy and greens up the vegetation.

The result is a great look at how technology continues to evolve and you really need to see it perform in the video. You can find the assets and take a look for yourself HERE.

The work was done by Stephan Richter, Hassan Abu AlHaija and Vladlen Koltun of Intel Labs.

The spelled-out goal of this project was to enhance the realism of synthetic images using conventional rendering methods.

“Photorealism has been the defining goal of computer graphics for half a century,” the paper starts out.

Find the research paper HERE.

Meanwhile, here is the video:

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