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GAMING WIRE: Headlines for 5/24/21

This week's headlines take a look at Ubisoft's response to allegations of abuse, a Final Fantasy VI opera interlude and a great N.Y. Times story about video game movies and why they reign right now.

Every Monday, we will round up the top news stories and YouTube videos about the industry to see how other outlets are reporting on the big news. Be on the lookout for a weekly newsletter of gaming headlines, coming soon.

On the docket this week: The rush of video game-based intellectual property being used to create movies and programs continues and the N.Y. Times (is on it) did a fantastic piece about it, focusing partly on Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake; Ubisoft is the latest company facing charges of mistreatment and abuse at its studios, prompting a long blog post by the company’s CEO Yves Guillemot to respond; and Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stand on his company’s behalf in its battle with Epic Games.

Meanwhile, on YouTube, we posted what I consider one of the greatest covers of the Final Fantasy VI opera scene ever shared there. Check it out below.

Scrounging for Hits, Hollywood Goes Back to the Video Game Well – The New York Times

A Year of Change at Ubisoft – Ubisoft CEO blog

Apple CEO Tim Cook testified in the Epic v. Apple trial. Here are 4 key takeaways – MSN.com.

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