VIDEO: 19 minutes of Aloy’s new adventure

The follow up to Horizon Zero Dawn looks great on PlayStation 5, although Guerrilla Games has yet to announce a specific release date.

The studio behind Horizon Zero Dawn last week released a 19-minute video of that game’s sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, and it looks spectacular running on the PlayStation 5.

Guerrilla Games Game Director Mathijs De Jonge and Horizon Forbidden West’s Narrative Director Ben McCaw gave a quick update for the game, which still does not have a specific release date.

However, the company has said it would release in 2021.

The gameplay features the game’s protagonist, Aloy, fighting mechanical monsters along with a rival tribe to rescue one of her friends, Erund.

Not only does the video showcase the game’s smooth action, great looks and some of the mechanics that players will be immersed into when the game does eventually release.

It also provides about a four-minute deep dive that goes into the background a little bit more teases the bigger world that Aloy will exist in. You can see the entire video below.

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