It’s a-Mario! Super Mario Bros. cartridge sells for $2 million

Well, my parents once said playing video games would get me nowhere. Turns out, I should have kept all of those cartridges I loved. $2 million. WOw.

Well, this is kind of crazy.

The New York Times reported on Friday that a sealed, original Super Mario Bros. cartridge for the Nintendo Entertainment System had been sold for $2 million on the collectibles investment site Rally Rd.

That’s a lot of gold coins.

Super Mario Bros. is the classic side-scrolling adventure game that some people say saved the video game industry, which at the time had been reeling from some historic flops on the then-revolutionary Atari video game consoles.

The tale of the plumber brothers ranks as the sixth-highest selling video game of all time, selling more than 58 million copies since its 1985 release.

Since that debut, Mario has made an appearance in more than 200 games, serving as one of the more successful mascots in any industry.

The total marks a record for video game sales, topping the previous mark of $1.56 million, set just last month when Heritage Auctions reported that it had sold an original, unsealed copy of The Legend of Zelda for that amount.

Check out that auction below:

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